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Magic Care was founded in 2005 by a group of 4 experienced Dutch magicians, specialized in magic for children. By teaching magic to children with some sort of handicap, they aim to support those children. Magic is the vehicle to help children in finding their way in life, so that they become (mentally) stronger, which gives them more self-confidence. In other words: magic is used as a therapy for children who by any cause have developed a gap in their psycho-social development or are hospitalized.

The founders of Magic Care have all much experience in regular magic shows for children. Moreover, they all have specific backgrounds which are important for teaching magic as therapy for children. Rob van de Kamp has given magic workshops to children of prisoners in the USA. Igor de Kort teaches magic (as clown) to children of the favelas in Brazil.

Marlies Greve has a practice as a play therapist, for which she also applies magic. Wim van Dokkum is a nutritionist/food scientist (and Visiting Professor in Brazil) who always uses magic during his lectures as a means for getting messages across.

Since 2010 not less than 25 experienced and well known Dutch magicians joined the Magic Care Foundation. Moreover, and as a consequence of this, new teams were formed, including those working in hospitals for seriously ill children.

Magic Care is linked to the Dutch Magic Society (NMU), the umbrella organisation of all registered magicians in the Netherlands. The NMU is linked to FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies).